Loss of biodiversity

The cauldron of diversity that once adorned our world has been gradually drained by human activities, leading to the loss of biodiversity and a self-destructive path. The avaricious nature of humans has led them to the path of self-destruction. The reservoirs on which we rely for thriving and surviving,  paradoxically we are putting our lifelines groaning under the weight of our egocentric intentions and pushing them on the brink of losing their sanctity. Biodiversity can be defined as “ the accumulation or aggregation of the genetic variability, the varied species inhabiting the planet organised at different strata, interacting and co-existing harmoniously’’ It  is the fundamental part of the ecology.  The hues of nature, the soothing sights of the life-givers, all of it belongs to the environment, the biodiversity possesses all. It links each organism and marks their interdependence on each other. It is an asset, the loss of which will cost heavily upon us, and with this loss we will lose out genetic variability that has been catering to humans’ needs. As beautifully put by John Rockstrom ‘’ The value of biodiversity is that it makes our ecosystems more resilient, which is a prerequisite for stable societies, its wanton destruction is akin to setting fire to our lifeboat.’’



According to the claims of certain researchers, if we do not make revitalising alterations now, we might find our way to the “sixth mass extinction’’. The changes in the climatic patterns have impacted the biodiversity at species, community, and population levels. Pollution has embarked its name in the list of major causes of the loss. Destruction of habitats and deforestation have further deteriorated the state. Overexploitation of the limited resources due to the avaricious intentions has added fuel to the fire. The pesticides, plastics, and many others aggravate the existing situation. According to the IUCN  Red List, one out of every four species is at risk of extinction.  The species diversity and the genetic diversity are getting exhausted at an alarming level. The loss of biodiversity can have drastic impacts on human health if it fails to satisfy social needs.  We have to turn up the heat on biodiversity-protection acts. 



The transformative amendments can bring a huge change and showcase a better picture.  It is our prime and foremost duty to certify a sustainable future. From regional to the global level, from individual to the community level we will have to look for the shriek of nature. At an individual level, we can prioritise sustainable modes of living, reducing the use of pollutants of the environment or any substance that ultimately accumulates to choke the environment, minimising the use of exhaustible resources to a certain extent, and adapting to environment-friendly practises. We have to match stride for stride and work together to save the umbrella of diversity. Well preached by Albert, the prince of Monaco ‘’It is together that we will be able to save our biodiversity. This is a principle of effectiveness. But, it is also a principle of humility, none of us can act alone’’.  


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