melting glaciers

Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is defined as the long-term shifts in temperatures in any particular place and its consequences on our planet. No corner of the earth is left with the consequences of the climate crisis. The causes of the climate crisis are burning oil, gas, coal, etc. This generates emissions of greenhouse gases. It traps the heat of the sun but due to its emission, the temperature of the earth rises.



Risks of Wildlife-The world’s threatened species are severely affected by the climate crisis and global warming. Climate change in the Arctic and Antarctica regions is likely to have significant effects on the sea level rise of our planet.



Impacts on outdoor workers– Farmers, construction workers, etc are affected by heatwaves. Health-related issues can be easily seen in these workers due to heat stress.




Health risks- Ozone level increases with an increase in temperature, which causes chest pain, breathing difficulties, chronic lung diseases, decreases pulmonary efficiency and worsens asthma. Heat strokes and exhaustion are some common symptoms that are seen in some individuals. Diabetes, kidney disease, cardiovascular abnormalities like cardiac arrhythmias and heart attacks are very common due to global warming.



Impact on forests- Wildfires are a common occurrence. Elevated fire activities reduce the productivity of forests. Trees are migrating towards new habitats where they can survive. The steady increase in CO2 content drives modifications in forests. The increasing frequency of forest fires in the Amazon, Canadian forests, and forests of the United States adversely affects insects and pathogens which can bring massive loss to the economy of the forest sector. It will reduce access to forested lands as well. 



Numerous activists and NGOs are working on the climate crisis. They play a key role in preventing damage to global natural resources. We should also help sustain global temperature because if you can’t preserve it, don’t damage it. 

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